Join A Local Direct Mail Co-op, With Six Other Local Non-Competitive Businesses To Reach 5000 Homes In Your Town’s Best Neighborhoods.

$225 (50%) Deposit  – Balance of $225 due upon ad approval

​Welcome to Postcard Deals. We are a group of business owners who use shared postcard marketing to gain and retain clients for our businesses.​

Only 6 Non-Competing Advertisers Per Card – In Your Town’s Best Neighborhoods!

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This Is How New Customers Are Found!

$225 (50%) Deposit  – Balance of $225 due upon ad approval

Why Work With Us:

  • RAPID RESPONSE: Instantly reach thousands of local buyers with nearly 100% exposure.
  • FULLY EXCLUSIVE: You won't have any direct competition to weaken your response.
  • BRILLIANT COLOR: Beautiful full color, glossy cardstock that demands attention.
  • NO COMMITMENT: No contract required. Just pay and go!
  • TRACKABLE ROI: Quickly determine how much profit you made with redeemable offers. We can also give you a dedicated, trackable phone and produce a response report for NO additional charge.



According to research, more than 50% of regular mailings are thrown away without a glance. The Postcard Deals Megasized Postcard boasts a near 95% exposure rate because of its unique size and quality.


5,000 at a time - of these postcards with your business’ offers and promotions are sent out each month. Literally every home in the best neighborhoods will receive the postcard!

Chief Designer Marcos


Your business will be exposed to the homes that matter the most! Our marketing department hand-picks each neighborhood using key demographics and targeting.


A marketing campaign of this size and quality would set you back a couple thousand dollars. It would normally be a very risky investment. However, because non-competing members split the costs, it is now easily affordable for businesses of all sizes.

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$225 (50%) Deposit  – Balance of $225 due upon ad approval